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I realized early on that I have intuitive abilities. About 25 years ago I began reading the Tarot and other kinds of materials in depth to gain further knowledge and to explore my gifts. It’s important that any Tarot card reader feel very comfortable, or even inspired, with the Tarot deck that they use to give readings.

I have worked with many Tarot card decks over the years, but have found a favorite deck that I now use in all my Tarot readings. I have an excellent foundation in reading the Tarot and truly feel that Tarot card readings are both a practical and a valid resource for helping to understand myself and helping others in their situations that can benefit from additional insight.

Some people feel that Tarot card readings are too “out there”, or that readings can overlap with traditional religious philosophies. But in my many years of experience working with Tarot cards and readings, I view Tarot cards as a valuable and insightful tool to gain a deeper insight and guidance into life.

My ability to do these psychic Tarot Card readings, along with accurately interpreting the “Tarot”, has resulted in many satisfied clients. My readings are very down-to-earth and easily understandable. We all need a little guidance and insight from time to time regarding our lives.

It’s important to trust yourself when you’re looking to have a Tarot Card reading. Also, the best Tarot readings are done with someone who makes you feel comfortable as well as being experienced, trustworthy and most importantly, empathetic and kind towards you. Find a good match for yourself to get the best Tarot reading.